1 crucial lesson that I learned after working 1 month in social media

1 crucial lesson that I learned after working 1 month in social media

Social media could waste your life, but it’s also one of the most powerful tools for telling you a story. That’s why I started working in this field.

Everyone talks about the 3 stages of the marketing funnel — awareness, consideration, and conversion. Mangers just focus on short-term ROI. But it’s not the whole story.

Advocacy stage. That is what makes your brand stand out of crowd and beat up the competitors.

COVID-19 shows us how much having advocates and loyal customer is important.

With advocates, you can build a community-based brand, and trust me, not many companies have that.

Build a community-based brand

A community-based brand simply is a story that advocates talk about it and interested in it.

Let’s dive in.

Conversions are good, advocates are great

Focus on advocates

How many customers your business needs in order to succeed?

1M? 100M? 1B?

To be honest, most of the business with much fewer customers than they think can be highly successful.

I bet you know about the 80/20 principle.

80% of your revenue comes from only 20% of your customers — advocates.

Pushing ads and content out there and say “Hey, look at me! I’m here, please like me.” doesn't really work. Most of your revenue comes from advocates.

Focus on advocates

Absolutely Social media is a tool for increasing sales and making conversions. But, you will miss something important if you just care about selling. You will sacrifice your potential community and brand.

Many businesses seeking short-term gains and they will earn it. But they never will have a strong community that interested to talk about their brands.

Community is the real deal

Community is the real deal

Social media is all about building advocates — your community.

Community isn’t just about how many followers you have. I talk about loyal customers and advocates.

An advocate is a person which has a relationship with you. They know you, loyal to you, and literally follow you.

They talk about your brand with their friends. They are telling your story and you are part of their daily life.

This is like a pure dream which most successful companies make it real.

When a few advocates gathering in a single place, they create a community. Like nations, all of them are community-based stories.

Build a community-based brand on social media

You must tell a story. Send a clear message and feeling to people on your social media. Brands are all about how you make people feel.

One of my favorite brands on social media is Nike. When you scrolling in their social media, it gives you a consistent feeling. Success, victory, heroism, and just do it.

In all of their content, you get the same feelings. That’s a brand. When few people feel the same, they create a community.

Your mission as a marketer is simple, yet hard. Tell a consistent story that matches people’s needs.

Social media is a storytelling tool. Everything you need from visuals, sounds, videos, challenges, experiences, colors, and etc are on your phone.

Keep in mind social media is not a one-way street, publishing just your raw story, isn’t working. You must sugarcoat it with what your community wants.

Tell your story

As Historian Yuval Noah Harari says,

Nations, religions, and corporations are stories.

Frankly, Products, services, employees, customers, laws, challenges, come and go.

Only your story could survive.

It’s important to tell a consistent story over and over again.



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