3 ways to design a remarkable business character on social media

Holy cow! So much brand, isn’t it?

That’s why you must think about designing a character for your business on social media.

For sake of your survival, you need to stand out of the crowd.

A business character can increase your engagement dramatically, it helps you to build a community and ultimately a brand.

Before you jump on to design your business personality, be crystal clear on your value, and have a vision of your business character.

Are you have a young brand that keeps up with trends? Or a brand that likes old-school ways?

Imagine your character.

None of them are bad or good. They are just characters.

Are you have your values and vision?

So, let’s dive in.

Design a character with Twitter: Don’t be shy!

For God’s sake don't push the same content on Twitter.

It’s a place for catching up with news and talking about different topics.

People share their opinion about your products/services on Twitter, your competitors share their announcements, the news is published, trends are made, and so on.

Hence, the best practice is sharing your brand opinion about different stuff.

Check this tweet from Reebok about black lives matter movement.

To the black community:
We see you.
We stand in solidarity with you.
This can no longer be the status quo. pic.twitter.com/LpE7HHp3qU

— Reebok (@Reebok) May 30, 2020

Let’s face it, if you want to build a brand, you need to be with people, and with people means be a presence when people need you.

ِYou always need to support people, whatever is related to your business topic or not — that’s how you can build a brand.

People will talk about your products/services on Twitter.

You must embrace it.

Even if it's a complaint, you can use it as an opportunity to building your brand and show how you are responsible.

Alongside your business news, content, and opinions, leveraging this small interaction between your brand and customers is the key to building community on social media.

Keep in mind you can increase your audience by talking about different topics.

It’s a marketing experimentation

You could find new demographics and new customers.

Don’t hesitate to share some funny memes or make fun of competitors or having fun with your Twitter account.

It sends this message to people there is a human back there.

Ultimately your brand must be like a person. It has opinions, thoughts, favorite things, hobbies, and behaviors.

Design a character with Instagram: Make people feel something!

Designing a business character on Instagram is simple, yet super hard.

Many companies cannot build a brand on IG.

It’s all about consistency in emotions and messages.

First thing first, ask yourself,

what is your business message? What feeling do you want to give to your community?

You must send a clear and same message and feel in every post.

Is this make my page boring?


You can certainly change some styles to make every post unique, but the message and feeling must be consistent.

That’s when things get hard.

In every single post, every caption, text, and story, you should send a clear and consistent message and feeling.

Do you think it can’t happen? Check Nike’s page for example.

When you scroll in their feed and see their post, you get the same feeling and message.

“Just do it! I can do it. I can be like these heroes. I’m the hero of my story.”

These emotions will endure. This feeling makes people become loyal and lifelong customers.

Most importantly, have the courage to experiment often.

Design a business personality by UGC

Want to have a brand that even after decades still be on the top?

Thus you need to let people talk about your business.

People don’t want to just see your content and hear your message.

They want to express themselves by using your offers, share their experience, and see what other people talking about you.

It’s not about you, it’s all about them people.

UGC (user-generated content) is one of the best ways to design a brand.

The enduring companies— like Coca-Cola, Supreme, Apple — just not focus on their pages and channels, they encouraging people to talk about their brand.

In this way, people feel they are own the brand — they become part of the family.

You can with hashtags on Instagram and Facebook, challenges on TikTok and giveaways encourage people to talk about your brand in their own way.



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