3 ways virtual reality could change the world

virutal reality

When someone talking about virtual reality, the first thing that comes in their mind is gaming.

People think virtual reality is all about gaming. But it’s not.

Wait for a second…

Virtual reality or VR is all about gaming.

I believe our lifestyle will be based on VR, very sooner than we think.

How and Why?

Let’s get started.

Virtual reality is the new real world!

Virtual reality is the new real world!

It’s doesn't matter what you doing now.

Maybe you are in the wine business or you a digital marketing manager.

It’s most likely virtual reality technology affects your lifestyle. The era of monitors and displays will be over, finally!

They will become things from the past.

There is no need to work with hardware like keyboards and mouses. They become old stuff, like radio.

We will go into the content, literally.

We will engage with it, as we engage with the real world.

Virtual reality in our jobs and business

Thanks to COVID million people don’t have to work in the offices.

They can be anywhere — with their family — and also making money.

Maybe in the future we back to offices. But not quite the same.

Meet with virtual reality offices

Virtual reality become a crucial part of how we working.

You will be fully engaged with tasks. Your whole environment will be engaged in the task you are doing.

Whatever you are designing or developing, the world around you will be transformed into another universe.

Imagine you are a digital product designer and working on an app.

You put the virtual reality goggles and BOOM!


Now you are IN THE APP.

You can move 3D graphic elements like when you move a thing in the real world.

VR makes people more focused and productive.

In the other perspective (the dark side), your company will force you to work in a fully controlled place that will become your nightmare.

Virtual reality isn’t good or bad, people determine how to use it.

Virtual reality in education

Today’s educational system is sucks. Who’s with me?

Maybe — again thanks to COVID — the broken system force to do some improvement, but still it’s lack one important thing:

People not learning anything important in this system.

So why on the earth you should spend at least 10 years of your life learning things that not matters — things that robots can do far better than us.


Unleash your creativity with virtual reality

Stay tights, because virtual reality gonna change the world.

Imagine you want to learn about the solar system and the universe.

You don’t need 2D books and non-engaging monitors, only we need a pair of VR goggles.

Let’s tell you a story:

Tara has a class with the topic of the solar system. She goes on the treadmill and put those VR goggles.


She now observing Helix Nebula! She can see stars, black holes, planets, and so on.

She can with a gesture, zoom on each planet and with one tap see their history.

The educational system based on virtual reality allows you to discover, explore, and go further.

You will fully engage with the topic you are learning about.

The educational system become a virtual reality game.

Virtual reality in our communication

Let’s assume you want to find a friend.

It’s simple, you check Facebook, add a person to your friends, and maybe a few moments later, Congrat! You have a new friend now.

But the friend you can talk with her/him and in person is a unique and different experience.

Now maybe we are limited to Facebook on a 2D monitor, but the future wouldn't look like this.

Virtual reality friends

When we live in a virtual world, all of us can have virtual friends that are like our friends in the real world.

We can talk with them face to face and meet them in person — In their detailed 3D avatar.

Communication will be virtual, totally.

A confession, NOBODY can’t predict the future. I just here dreaming about it.

Maybe the future will be totally different from the future I dream about in this article.

But maybe this future becomes reality.

A virtual world.




No Paradox. No Progress.

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Ali Eskandari

No Paradox. No Progress.

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