A little bit of mindfulness!

Ali Eskandari
2 min readAug 19, 2020


Most of the time we living in auto-pilot.

We living automatically.

Building a habit is great and will increase your productivity, but doing things automatically all the time will fuck you in the long-term.

Let’s tell you a story.

One of my friends used to just talk, talk, and talk.

She didn’t listen actually, most of her act was automatically and she put no consciousness on her job.

Most of his day was in auto-pilot. Just getting shit done, without experiencing it.

She was unable to enjoy every bit of life and just experience!

I really love the “experience” word. It represents peace and life to me.

Experience is a mindful and thoughtful moment that you actually live.

She didn’t live most of his time.

Doing as soon as possible the job and going home, eating dinner, watching Netflix, and then sleep.

That’s it!

But how we can actually experience life?


With a bit of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is everything!

When we talk about mindfulness most of us picture a guru in the top of a mountain or a lady sitting in the middle of a quiet forest in our mind.

The thing is mindfulness is simpler than you think.

You can do it whenever you are.

Just softly look around. Focus on sound in your environment. Touch. Taste. Smell.

Be crystal clear about the environment you are in.

It can a busy office — Are you still use office?! — or a quiet garden.

When do this practice regularly, you can experience life.

You will listen mindfully, you think before you talk and make better decisions.

With a bit of mindfulness, every old and routine thing can be a new experience.

With mindfulness, you will increase your productivity and will think outside of the box.

One of the stupidest things we do in our life is we stick to old ways for quite a time.

Because we live auto-pilot and we don’t want to try new and better things.

Mindfulness will help you to think outside of the box. Observe yourself from distance.

Many smart people use our lack of mindfulness to put falsehood in our minds.

When we become mindfulness, we can think about our acts.

Improve and grow.

I don’t want to talk all the days about why you should practice mindfulness. I want to encourage you to start being mindful right now.