Account based marketing, GrowthMaster Training Workshop, Optimizing Your Growth Process Review

Growth marketing is one of the key roles in startups that help businesses to grow, reach new customers and turn customers into fans. But, first thing first. You should know what skills you need and exactly for that, I enroll in the CXL growth marketing minidegree where you learn everything about growth marketing. As you know, every week I write a weekly review about the thing that I learned so far. In this week’s, I watched the account-based marketing, GrowthMaster Training Workshop, and Optimizing Your Growth Process courses that help me to gain a clear picture of growth marketing and ABM.

But before digging into this week’s review, I want to say if you want to learn about growth marketing and start a career in this field or just level up your marketing game, I highly recommend checking the CXL growth marketing course.

So, let’s get started. Shall we?

Account based marketing

So, the first question might be what the heck is the account based marketing. Good question. ABM is a sustained, coordinated, strategic approach to identifying, engaging, closing, and growing the accounts that we know we should win.

It’s about finding the right person who might be your customer and start building a relationship with that person. The first lesson I learned in this course is to start testing everything and making it part of your culture. This is the only way to grow and learn about the accounts you want to target. Maybe you ask, I have serval account that I want to win, but how should I change their beliefs and behaviors? It’s actually very simple if you want to change the behaviors of those people, you just need to deliver a great customer experience. Yup, it’s simple. yet hard.

Also, like anything else, focus playing a major role in the account based marketing. It will help you to identify the most important account and then plan accordingly. Don’t forget you cannot serve anyone and do everything at the same time.

Most important you shouldn’t bring with ideas that not backed by research or past testing. Actually, that’s why testing is very important in your process and can help you to achieve more goals and win the account you want to win. To be honest, if you for example want to run an agency that only provides account based marketing service, you should make constant and rapid experiment part of the culture of the company. So, go ahead and start testing. Because you will learn a lot in this process and also know more about the account you are targeted.

GrowthMaster Training Workshop

Finally, it’s time for reviewing one of my favorite courses in CXL. In GrowthMaster Training Workshop you will learn what’s a growth process look like and how you can grow your business. So, what’s a growth process? This system has 4 parts. Analyze, ideas, prioritizing, and testing (obviously, right?).

One of the first things that I realized after taking this course was growth marketing is not just a department or team in a big company. Growth marketing is actually a flow in the business that help companies and startup reach new customers and eventually increase their bottom line. That’s why implementing testing and rapid experimenting into your culture is very important and will help you to find out more things about your culture and also know more about your business. This is how you can grow your business.

So, how can we be successful growth marketers? The important part is you should first drive short-term growth and then thinking about how can you bring long-term growth. Like any other thing, you should keep your balance. Hitting short-term goals can help you to reach your long-term goals.

One of the important lessons that I have learned in this lesson is you should have a NorthStar metric. This is like the big goal that will help you to measure all of your performance and drive growth. But the important question here is how can we set a NorthStar metric? The thing is I cannot say set this metric to be successful in your business. Every business is unique and everything depends. But the thing I can say is your NorthStar metric must drive value. This is the only way that you can evaluate your NorthStar metric. So, why you waiting for? Start setting up the process for experimenting and set up your NorthStar metric.

Optimizing Your Growth Process

The most important thing that I have learned in this course is just setting up guidelines and systems actually just half of the game. You should all the time thinking about how you can optimize your processes and systems. This is when massive growth happens.

That’s why many fast-growing startups (Like Dutchie for example) focus on optimizing their past processes and systems, rather than constantly setting up new things. They try to test new ideas, write the learning and then based on their research optimize their systems.

But the question is how do you optimizing your growth process? The first thing is don’t rush into it. Take your time and write down all the things you have learned from past experiments. Take your time to review your testing and things you changed. This is when you can extract insights and run better experiments next time. Also, all of these reviews will help you to come up with better ideas and hypotheses.

Maybe you ask should quality or quantity be your priority. The thing I learned in the Optimizing Your Growth Process course is you should focus on the quality of every experiment rather than rushing into it and prioritizing speed. It actually very simple, if you run better experiments, you can learn more and optimize your systems.

And also don’t forget to make experimenting part of the culture of your company. Just one team cannot drive massive growth for your company. Actually, massive growth happens when everyone in the company runs experiments and shares their learnings.




No Paradox. No Progress.

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No Paradox. No Progress.

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