Email marketing, Messaging strategy in public relation, and Facebook Ads Review

Today’s in marketing there is a lot of channels that will help you to reach new people and increase your customers. Big tech allows you to with using technology and AI running ads and show them to millions of people whenever you want. In this way, you can increase your revenue and brand awareness, and even conversion on your landing page. There is no limit to what you can do with all of those channels. But be careful you must first choose the channel that resonates with your audience and then start using them.

If you following my reviews, you know I’m a couple of weeks ago enrolled in the CXL growth marketing minidegree, where you can learn anything about growth marketing and kickstart your growth marketing career or learn more about this field and level up your marketing.

In this review, I want to dig into email marketing, public relation and we will talk a little bit about Facebook ads. Do you want to know more about these courses in CXL and also increase your knowledge in these fields? So, let’s get started. First, we will start our adventure with email marketing.

Email marketing

If you are in marketing, so there are chances that you already know some things about email marketing. Actually, email marketing is the only channel that gives you a massive ROI in marketing. So, if you want to use a channel that you put $1 and get $10, without any doubt, you should check email marketing out.

But the main question for businesses and marketers is how they can send better emails? In this course at CXL, I learn a great lesson about email marketing(actually, before taking this course I thought I know everything about email marketing). The lesson is simple, if you want to send better emails, you should use the power of data and segmentation. You must send personalized emails that makes the intersection with customer 1:1 as much as possible.

Also, another thing that I learned from the taking these course is a video in email increase the engagement and will help you to level up your CTR. So, I highly recommend, if you looking for increasing engagement and your aim is to have more engaged subscribers, use video in your emails. It can be a short video or a video from your podcast.

Another thing about email marketing is you don’t have to create original content for your newsletter, you can easily just put your most popular or hottest article or content in your newsletter.

Actually, you can with email marketing increase your retention and encourage people to more frequently use your product. One of the ways that will help you to increase conversion is giving people more freedom and let them choose their preference before signing up for your newsletter.

Having a clean, skimmable, and concise newsletters and emails will help you to increase engagement and also at the end of the day, email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your revenue.

To be honest, email marketing is one of my favorite channels that allows me to send valuable content to people. Email marketing if you use personalization and data can really help your business take off and many small businesses already by using email marketing to make money. I personally see a lot of small businesses that with email marketing introducing latest products to the customers and literally grow their businesses by just using sending consistent and valuable emails.

Messaging strategy in public relation

One of the other courses that can be found in the CXL growth marketing mini degree is messaging strategy in public relations. In this course, you will learn about public relations as an earned media and will help you to create a positive image of your business. It will help you to increase brand awareness and reach new people.

As the instructor in the course said: Good public relation is a good image.

The first thing you need to do to kickstart creating a positive image is defining your audience. Who you are serving? Who will use your products? And who are you talking to? The important part it you should focus on your target audience and in your public relations effort start talking directly with people who are your potential customers. This is the first and crucial step in messaging strategy in public relations.

Public relation is a way for you to pitch your ideas to your target audience and from there start building a relationship with them. You should not be sleazy in your public relations effort, it should be about ideas and your point of view as a business.

One of the most important things that I have learned in this course is public relation is about educational content and as I told you if you try to push people and just selling your goods, it not going to have a positive impact on your business. So, the first aim is to educate people about what you’re doing and why you doing it.

Facebook Ads

Although there is a lot of ad services that you can use to grow your business, Facebook ads are one of the best ways (and many people said, this is the best way) to with using ads to reach new people and increase your revenue.

On Facebook, trying to have your own digital newspaper is very important. It’s just not about pushing people to buy your products or services. You also should care about educating people and make them aware of your brand and your business. This is an important step that many of the business miss it and don’t care about it. The only thing they say is to buy my shiny stuff. But you need to create long or short-form videos to educate people. And you don’t have to even put a CTA on those videos.

In Facebook ads, it’s crucial to think about brand building and how you can reach new audiences.




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