Environment & People or Revenue? Which one you must care about?

The business world seems so uncertain and unpredictable than at any time.

Thanks to the crazy virus we even don’t know what will happen tomorrow or next week!

That’s why many companies are shifting to just , do the crap, and make money.

But the thing is in the dark times you most more care about people — inside and outside of the company.

Remember COVID-19 is just the beginning.

Climate change is the biggest threat to human civilization and can take life from billions of people and transform the whole world into hell, Literally.

Money, Money, and Money!

Capitalism is like a double-edged sword.

It can save the world and serving the people. And also ruing the world and slaving people.

The bad news is many businesses from early-stage to big techs just having one goal, making more dollars.

No matter how.

That’s why we think when a corporation makes more money, they are actually destroying the earth and don’t give a damn to people.

The good news is the planet will force us to change how we do the business.

But why we don’t take action sooner, before we lost billion of life and our beautiful planet.

Why we don’t take action now to save the world, serving the people, and also build a green world?

Simply because it’s hard. And hard work sucks!

Corporations — even most of the startups — want to do the old ways and just increase their revenue and their — fake — valuations.

Planet & People

Imagine a factory.

Dirty chimneys, tired and upset workers, polluted air, and angry bosses who care about money and revenue.

That’s my picture of the factories.

Now imagine a non-profit organization that plant trees.

Nice people with a smile and passionate about what they doing. They are talking about people and the environment and how they can help.


Why does it look like this?

Why businesses which care about planet and people must imagine as a non-profit organization?

Certainly, there is a gap that must be filled.

Revenue, Planet and, People

We can do both.

It’s not about one of them.

Just making a ton of money or just take care of the environment and employee.

We can do all of them.

Planting trees, treating good our people, and also making a ton of money.

We can have sustainable big corporations that can be the best places to work.

It’s like a circular economy.

You take care of employees and the planet, and people take off the customers.

You make money, build a green world, and thriving with your people.

It’s too good to be true?

Well… It’s our only choice.



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