Got any ideas? I don’t give a fuck!

Ideas are worthless, marketing and team is king.

I called my friend (who is a businessperson), “Sara, Sara! I have a mind-blowing idea.” I clear my throat, “I must talk to you, Sara.”

“Sure,” she said.

We supposed to meet each other in a coffee shop.

But I have not the gut to go to the meeting.

I called her, “Do you will sign an NDA?”

“What the fuck?” She hangs up the phone.

After a few months, She called me, “Hi, Ali! how is it going with your idea?”

“I cannot tell my idea to just people I meet, they could steal it. Innovation is rare these days, you know.” I said.

“Ali, people don’t give a fuck to your ideas. It’s just a bunch of words and talking, you must share your ideas finally for getting team members and advisors,” She said “The thing is you someday have to make it public, 100% some people steal your ideas.”

I replied, “But, I make they cannot, I keep it secret and force everyone to sign NDAs and…”

“Ali, biz doesn’t work that way,” She said, “At the end of the day, the business with better team and superior marketing strategy will be survived.”