How to build a damn good small business?

So, you want to build a small business in the middle of the pandemic?

That’s pretty crazy and also an intelligent move.

I believe every single crisis can be an opportunity for growth.

If you want to build the next damn good small business in your town or in your area, first build a better version of yourself. How?

Let’s crack it guys!

It’s all about people

Please! Don’t tell me you think about having a successful business you must have been in a great location, in a great time, and have a great investor. Bullshit!

To start, you just need yourself.

You don’t need the best salesperson or best decoration to attract people. Fuck them!

My brothers and sisters, you just need to work on yourself.

If you want to have more sales and expand your business — or most of the time just surviving! — you just need to be fucking good at communicating with people.

Consider yourself

Learn how to truly help people. You know what? Most successful small businesses build around the character of their founder(s).

So if you want to build something worthy — not a shitty small business — step by step improve yourself.

Personally I create a strategy and goals for the week ahead.

Like next week I must do more meditation and practice to have mindfulness life.

In this way, you can track your personal and professional development.

Yes, for having a good small business you must know the basics in accountant, legal thingy, and other stuff.

But the thing that really pushes you forward is you.

It’s all about how you make that relationship with people. People like you when you truly care about them.

In a successful small business, people consider themselves as a friend or partners.

So, the question is how you can build a damn good relationship with people?

Building relationships

Trust me, it’s like blood for your business.

As a small business, you must truly work on WOM marketing. You must encourage people to tell their friends and family to buy from you.

You must turn them into advocates. But how we do this shit?

I know a person who in past years has a bitty business in the cornet of town, but now he owns a million-dollar business.

He works hard in terms of the customer. He was patient to know more about people.

He steps by step each time to know more about his customer and tells a bit about himself.

I know, I know!

People now talking about high growth and startup. I don’t know why the push for rapid growth.

Maybe all of them are just a trend. Not a thing that lasts long.

For building great things, you must put time on it.

Forget those bullshit that media want to put in your mind.

He knows it and he was so patient in terms of building relationships.

He makes his first customer — include me — as his friends.

I tell my family and friend to buy from that guy and he starts growing.

Every relationship you build with people is a great investment in your business.



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