How to build a shitty startup from scratch?!

Silicon Valley Startups are overrated.

Mostly they are scam or a hobby for their founders.

They want to be a fairy and fucking fantasy creature and hit 1 billion dollars!


Is this the whole purpose of the business? Is this the whole mission of a startup? I don’t think so.

Most of the startups will die sooner or later.

So, how we can have a long-lasting startup and building legacies?

Let’s crack it this time with reverse engineering. How you can build a shitty startup?

Build a startup from 0 to -1!

It’s not even easy to build a shitty startup. There are so many factors to build a total fuckedup!

Shitty startup appears in different valuations and sizes. But they have one glorious thing in common: They will kill themselves.

They will wipe out from the world and no one remembers them.

And mostly you find founders laying on their yacht on the middle Atlantic ocean and not giving fuck to world around them.

Maybe is a too extreme scenario, but it’s was happened and will happen.

1- Cool ideas and a naive team

“Hey dude, I have this cool idea, let’s start it together. Let’s rock!”

You just come up with the cool and great idea — which anyone can have— and tell your friends to start it.

You and your friends have not any experience in anything — except doing TikTok challenges — and want to shake the work and make an impact.

If you don’t be lucky, you probably very soon will end up with thousands of dollars in debt.

Ideas are overrated.

How you going to build them is a hard thing.

Doing day-to-day shits is hard. Daydreaming and talking are easy.

2- Customers & people? No, I need investors!

Unicron wants to fundraise over and over again.

For building prototype, for building MVP, for launching, for getting customers and this list never ends.

Without having a decent economy, fundraising is a dumb act.

It’s causes dilution in share, losing power, and so many other problems.

You will end up spending most of your time with VCs and not talking to your customer or people in your company.

You will end up with a shitty culture that anyone wants to leave it.

All your focus is just hitting 1 billion.

In your brain, there is no space for customers, employees and your co-founders.

Just putting more money on the company and increase value — or it’s better to say adding more worthless.

So, no fundraising? No cool idea? WTF?

Fundraising is great when you make a profit and want to scale.

Cool ideas are awesome when you have well-experienced and a strong team to execute it.

Without them, you just a shitty startup and will die sooner or later.



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