Make Business Great Again: The art of connecting dots

I define business as a thing by the people to serve the people.

Whatever the industry you are, you are serving the people. People hire your products/services to do a job for them.

Another aspect of the business is connecting the dots. You are trying to connect people, big or small businesses or just two things.

Our brain develops by connecting with other people.

That applies to the business world.

In the business, you always try to connect dots and build relationships. The more you do, the more the benefit will be.

Let’s dig into a story.


Before COVID-19 hit the world, we used to gather in a small garden in the countryside.

At weekends we talk about economy and politics — the most popular topic in Iran. We sat under a tree and prepare Kabab.

One of these weekends, I sit with my cousin who knows I want to learn the German language. But as you know it’s so hard and it’s better to have a partner to learn it.

So he looks at me and said: “Hey, Ali! I meet a wonderful person on Instagram and he teaches German if you want, I can introduce her to you and you go to her and learn German.”

“Amazing! Just give me his ID.” I said.

Then I massage the teacher and we start class.

In the third session, I ask the teacher “I wonder how you meet with my cousin.”

“I massage him on IG and tell him if he brings a student for me I give him commissions.”

She said.

Turns out my cousin runs a business around my passion for the German language!

This is a simple story, but it’s the fundamental of every business.

As a business, you are a middle-person to connect things.

But sometimes we forget that.

As a business, our duty is to make a relationship between things and connecting them constantly.

We must take more steps to expand our network and connect more things together.

Here an example.

When we born, our brain is significantly unfinished. As we grow, the new connection arises, the useless one removes and we shape.

Business is the same.

If you want to have a thriving character for your business, try to connect more things with your resources.

Trust me, you don’t need millions of dollars in funds to do this. With a bit of creativity, you could do it.

Connect more people, connect business, make partnerships with those who worth it, connect your business to society and environment, connect your employees together. Remove unworthy connection asap.

Connecting dots is about in any situation looking for building relationships and connect things.

Keep in mind every connection must be win-win.


Maybe you complain “So what the fuck? What the hell is connecting competitors? They are my enemy! I want to beat them.”

No, No, No. You are playing the wrong game.

If you want to win — I mean endure — you need to use connecting dots philosophy when you face with competitors.


See them as a ladder. See what you can learn from them.

Connect those things with your business.


Somethings innovative will born.

Last word

Think in terms of connecting dots.

Here an exercise, How you can connect the pandemic with your personal life? What is the benefit of the pandemic which you can connect with your life?




No Paradox. No Progress.

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No Paradox. No Progress.

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