Make Business Great Again: What is the long-term attitude?

I believe the way we now do the business is sucks! literally.

it belongs to the past and we need new ways. Today, startups and corporations are doing businesses which not adding value to our lives.

Companies do things because “investors” want. These investors are mostly previous business persons who turn to the investment world.

So to make the business great again, we need to educate people in business to have a better future.

In his way, we will have businesses that actually care about people and wants to add value to people's lives, not just a god damn useless app or shitty gadget.

We need impactful businesses.

What? What the heck is the impact?

Calm down! It’s just another fancy word like “startup” to people showoff in media.

We need businesses that give a damn to people and the world.

So so, let’s begin the first article of MBGA — The new MBA.

Long-term attitude

Long-term attitude? What the fuck is this? I just want to survive!

Many corporations and especially startups are thinking short-term.

Let’s be honest with you, the thing that ruins our planet is short-term thinking.

The thing that encourages wars and killing is short term thinking.

Maybe you yell at me:

Shut the fuck off, in the middle of the pandemic we just want to survive and meet the needs for the current month. That’s it.

But the thing is we always middle of a big crisis.

It can be Covid-19 or climate change.

It can be air pollution which kills 4.6 million people!!!

That’s crazy.

I think when we lock down the whole planet for the COVID-19, we need to shut down the whole world for air pollution. Keep in mind, 4.6 million people every single year.

We always “middle of a pandemic” and most — if I don’t tell all of them — is because of our short-term thinking.

So listen to me my sisters and brothers — don’t surprise, in Iran, it’s kind of typical to call all people sisters and brothers. Pretty cool, yeah?

What is the long-term attitude?

For fuck’s sake(Am I type it right?) please think long-term.

Long-term attitude is not the vision. It far binds the vision.

In the long-term attitude, you need to think in terms of legacies, not trends — Ahem, startups. Things that last for a long long time — I mean 100 years and much more.

The thing that startup founders have no idea how the corporation looks like after IPO or after hitting 1 billion dollars in valuation makes me crazy!

Those people ruin the planet and dreams of the coming generations.

So want to save the world, first get rid of this short-term mindset.

Long-term attitude is all about how you gonna thrive in the coming decades, centers, and so on.

How to apply the long-term attitude — to ourselves and corporations?

It’s simple my brothers and sisters. Just ask these questions from yourself:

What is my legacy for future people?

How I can add value to future people's lives?

For example, for me is building networks of corporations which last long and constantly solving the problems and bring better solutions.

Also for applying the long-term attitude for your business, you need to ask this question from the team — including yourself:

How we can be on the business process in 100, 1000, 10000, or even 1 million years from now?

For example, the current company I’m working on is called GivGet. It’s a people to people marketplace. But if I think GivGet is a marketplace, platform, or e-commerce company, I thinking short-term.

here the long-term attitude: “GivGet is a lifestyle. We will be in the game by providing constantly new lifestyles for civilizations.”

Maybe it seems crazy. But when you applying this attitude to your business, all people have one goal.

That goal is a process that you discover when you ask that question. This is a long-term game and maybe help you endure even centuries from now. So,

Fuck to short-term attitude and say hello to long-term attitude.




No Paradox. No Progress.

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Ali Eskandari

Ali Eskandari

No Paradox. No Progress.

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