MBGA: creating values, no bullshit!

The goal of the business is not making god damn money.

Maybe it seems the goal of all businesses is making money.

But money not will be last forever.

And the thing is we actually don’t want money. Another thing is behind the money.

I believe it’s creating values.

Money or other things will come in the future, it’s just like motivation to creating values.

Create values

Look at Uber, Amazon, Apple, Google, and other big businesses, all of them making a ton of money.

But wait for a second.

What they actually do?

Uber makes transportation faster and cheaper and also lets you make extra money.

Google helps you answer your questions and gain more information and knowledge.

If you are a business, you created a value.

Even drug businesses creating value for their consumer.

The goal of the business is creating value constantly.

Hold a minute. But why many businesses forget about creating values?

Why many of them think money is the goal?

Let’s crack it.

Money and value

I know, I know. Money is like blood for business.

It’s the thing that runs the business. We need money to survive.

Yes, I can not agree more with that.

But one thought:

Are you thinking you can make money without creating value? It’s like you want to produce blood without having a body and brain. Such a myth!

The goal of a successful business is to creating value.

Today, people can borrow blood or in the future, we can create artificial blood.

It’s applying for the business world too. When you creating values, the money will come.

Without creating values, you will distinguish sooner than you think.

A business will last when creating values, not a bunch of fancy things or bullshit.

Life is too short to set making money as your goal, instead I invite you to think in terms of creating values. For your life and your business.

See money just a motivation to achieve that.

The *New* Digital Marketing Advocate