MBGA: Give a damn to people!


Hey Hey everyone. This is the third article of “Make Business Great Again”. So So let’s start it and fuck MBA and say hello to MBGA.

What is the meaning of people? Many early-stage businesses don’t know who exactly is the “people”.

That why we see many startups will fucked up and wipe out from the business world.

They think only having a “cool idea” thing is enough.

But it god damn not!

It’s the business world. It shitty most of the time and so fucking hard to survive.

So if you want to thrive in this world, you must know what is a business and how a business will succeed.

Let’s crack it.

What fuck are people? I just care about $

Who are your people? Business is all about people.

Inside and outside of the company.

When does a company succeed?

When you have satisfied people inside and outside of the corporation.

What is the insider and what is the outsider?

The insider is the staff and the outsider are the customers/users.

The insider

The very first step to have a company that lasts is having great people inside the company.

Google is a very good example. I admire Google culture.

It’s far more creative and innovative than any culture in any other big tech company.

Google creates a heaven for engineers, designers, and generally all the people to change the world and thrive.

Google actually gives a fuck to people and the culture encourages people to start their own businesses and put their mission on the work.

That’s what I mean. Build a damn culture that helps people to pursue their dreams while they are working on organization dreams.

The outsider

“Doesn’t look like a monster, does he?” “They rarely do.”

It’s a quote from “The Outsider” by Stephen King.

Customers are the outsider and believe me they can be a monster! But as matter-of-the-fact they rarely do!

For the sake of growth and scale, you need the outsiders. Many startups will fail because they were too fucking busy on their fancy product to see what actually market needs.

If you have the greatest product, but people don’t give a damn to it, you will die.

Take care of the insider and the outsider

If you don’t want to be one of the 45 percent of businesses that dies in their first five years, care about the people inside and outside of the company.

For the start, you need to have great people inside the company, then it’s vital to have outsiders on your side.

I truly believe business is so fucking uncertain. Planning is an illusion and anything can happen.

When you know the fundamental of the business, it’s very easier to weather the storm and thrive.

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