MBGA: Listen Mindfully & Act Massively

Let me be honest. Most of the managers don’t give a damn about what people talk about.

They are don’t care about you and words, they just want to answer and respond.

They didn’t learn to be in the present and focus, they learned that multi-tasking is the key to success — how dumb is that!

MBGA was started to encourage people to think long-term and build enduring businesses.

So, what the meaning of listening mindfully and act massively exactly?

Let’s dig into it.

Listen Mindfully

Now than at any time in history, we can easily access to meditation and mindfulness practice.

Just grab you damn phone and search mediation on dear Google.

You face hundreds of sources and apps. But what is meditation means for corporations and leadership?

I believe meditations and mindfulness must be taken as a crucial part of the corporate culture.

Every day with the team you can practice meditation.

It gives you a peaceful moment to focus and chill.

It helps you to grateful for this very moment and focus on what matters, Now.

You probably don’t read these articles mindfully.

So practice now.

Go on a journey with reading every word. Feel the sensation in words.


It’s can be hard and seems frustrating at first. But it’s the right way to do things.

We tend to get shit done fast.

But why should look like this?

The interesting thing about mindfulness practice is helping you to focus on today and also think about your vision.

It will help you to truly listen when someone talking. Not just waiting for the response and just think in terms of your thoughts.

Listen truly and be in that moment.

Then wait,


and respond.

I promise you will get better results than other shitty ways.

Act Massively

Yes, talking is not bad, thinking is good and listening is great.

But non of them do the shit.

Taking action is what we ignore in terms of our biggest problem — climate change.

Act massively (and with consistency) helping you step by step build a better future for yourself and others.

Act massively is the secret sauce of having a fulfilling life.

Let’s tell you a story.

I was used to daydreaming all the time. I was talking, thinking and listening all the time. But, no actions. I built my own world. Sperate from what is in reality. One day — thanks to the COVID-19 — I wake up and decide to act, to build.

Without taking action we just build our own fantasy world and our brain help us to build that, seriously.

It becomes a trap of good things that will come.

But the fucking bad news is it’s never will come.

Taking actions massively is not about multi-tasking and shrink your focus.

It’s all about doing your best. It’s about to have a big vision and work hard — and yeah intelligently — every single day.

Listen mindfully and act massively will help us to adapt to problems and challenges.




No Paradox. No Progress.

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Ali Eskandari

Ali Eskandari

No Paradox. No Progress.

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