MBGA: Planning is sucks!

Planning is super delightful. You write down your detailed steps. You think everything goes on the plan. But you fucking wrong.

COVID-19, climate change, etc hits, and you become broke. That’s the consequence of planning.

Life, world, universes are not act based on a plan. So why you think your entity is different?!

Wake up! Stop fucking dreaming!

Why we get damn busy with writing plans? Why we tend to believe we can predict the future?

Because it feels safe. It feels awesome when you know everything about the future. But the reality is something else.

Plans are illusions which enjoyable to write and talk about.

The strategy is sucks because it’s real and uncertain. Let’s crack strategy in this story of Make Business Great Again.

Plans are written to not happen

There are many definitions of strategy. In planning, you write down detailed steps to achieve the goal — let’s say hit 1 million in ARR.

That’s just an illusion you want to believe you can predict every step toward your goals.

The strategy is real and can guide you toward your goals.

Hear this story.

In the midst of 2019, my friend starts a bakery business. She was doing great and make a ton of money.

But fuckedup starts when she starts planning. Let’s look at her plan:

Goal: Hit $25000 sales in mid-2020.

Step 1: In September 2019 change location to Bagehri St.

Step 2: In November bake Sangach, Barbari and Lavash bread — 3 main types of Persian bread

Step 3: In February hire a person to help me to baking bread

Step 4: In March create social media content on IG and Create a lading page for orders by call

Step 5: In June you will reach the goal!

But the thing is the plan never happens.

COVID-19 hits and fuck everyone and transform 2020 into one of the craziest years of this century.

She never changes the location, she never bakes those types of bread, she never hires someone, she never creates content on IG and she never starts a landing page.

Strategies are written to happen

She begins thinking in terms of strategy.

So we have this crazy virus and people need to stay at home. But they connected to the world with the internet. And my goal is to achieve $25000 in sales in mid-2020.

She has a timeframe. Mid-2020. She closes entirely store and moves all stuff in her home.

The strategy was surviving and also increase the sale.

So, he writes down #1 general action she must do it right now.

Start a website and selling online.

Then she realizes people in her city don’t use IG, they like Facebook. So she writes down the #2 action she must take.

Create a Facebook page with regular and rich content.

She doesn’t write down specific posts she will publish, because anything can happen and plans will changes.

Plans limited you to specific things and that’s sucks in the business world.

Anything can change in one moment.

The strategy gives you the freedom to act and pivot anytime based on circumstances.

With starting a website and posting content she able to achieve her goal.

Set a timeframe, write down general action you must take — preferably not more than 3 or 5 actions — and Just dig into it.

Anything can happen, but you must take that general action. No matter how. Just do it.




No Paradox. No Progress.

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Ali Eskandari

Ali Eskandari

No Paradox. No Progress.

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