MBGA: Think like a startup, act as a corporation

So, everyone talking about a new startup with that cool emerging technology. But what will happen for all of those startups?

The will never appear again in TechCrunch.


They are simply fuckedup!

They will kill themselves and get too fucking busy with fundraising and growth.

As a startup, the goal is to become a corporation. So why you act like a startup all the time? Don’t get me wrong, I endorse the startup mindset. But not all of the actions within the startups.

Let’s dig into it.

What the heck is a startup mindset?

Open culture, flat hierarchy— or mostly not having hierarchy — and creativity is the superpower of startups.

They haven’t much money or don’t have any money.

But they have their brain and use them in the best way.

They use creative solutions to solve the problems.

They face big setbacks, but they with creativity and their open culture will keep moving.

They are masters of cutting expenses and doing things in different ways.

Those are lacking in the corporate world.

They are have fucking close culture, making mistakes, and sharing any ideas is a taboo.

In contrast with a startup that is looking for a business model, corporations have defined business model and want to stick to it forever!

But they damn wrong. The world is changing massively every year and the new business models will arise. In this world, startup mindset is a must.

What do I mean by act as a corporation and think like a startup?

Act like a corporation

Well… the corporation in one word is organized.

Startups are crappy!

Corporations mostly make better decisions, execute better, and can take the current business model to the highest level.

They try to be rational and professional. In most startups things like “gut” are actually the CEO!

But for having a great company — like all of the big techs — you need to have a startup mindset and also act like a corporation.

Be creative and organized

Take Uber for example.

One upon a time they were a startup. Today they are at least a $50 billion corporation.

The interesting thing about Uber is they are thinking like a startup.

Uber eats, Uber boat, Uber air they are all subbrand of Uber.

They are constantly looking for new ways of making money and they are searching for more business models.

simultaneously, they act like corporations and do things more organized and professional.

Startups can learn from corporations and corporations can learn from startups.

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