MBGA: What the hell is the storytelling?

Could you tell me what is your business all about?

Well… we are developing this data-driven software for other businesses to have efficient organization.

That’s fucking boring. I’m already yawning. This way is sucks!

You must tell a god damn story to communicate well with people.

Stories will attach to our brains. This is a part of being human.

We love to hear and tell stories. But why all of the businesses don’t give fuck about this?

My personal experience says they think storytelling is “cheap” and it does not have any “prestige”.

But it is right?

Let’s find out.

Why on the earth storytelling?

The interesting thing about storytelling is you communicate your business in the language of emotions.

You can take your audience on a trip and make them feel and understand.

Actually business is all about people and people have stories.

The thing that actually impresses people and pushes them to ask answers and tickles their imagination is storytelling.

That’s what you want, engagement.

I believe the area of “views” and that kinds of bullshits is over.

Today is the time of engagement.

We must take people into our deep memories. We must take people on a trip. That’s key to staying in people's minds.

Take Airbnb for example.

They have a wonderful story. They start in the middle of the 2008 crises and gather to solve one problem.

They want to help people to experience and saving money.

So how we can tell your story?

Learn storytelling

Being great in storytelling is hard.

It’s like writing. It takes time to learn it.

You must do it one step at a time.

Reading fiction stories — not shitty business books.

Read stories like The Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Stephen king and etc. Read them over and over again.

Trust me you will learn more from a fiction book than a marketing or business book.

When you read those stories, it’s like you watching a movie, you feel and engage.

Put yourself as the hero of the story and that’s what you want to do with your customers/employees/investors.

In my point of view a great story of 3 things. It’s Mysterious, it’s emotional and it’s funny!

Storytelling in everyday life

To be honest, it’s doesn't matter who are you and what is your position.

If you want to change people's minds, if you want to people do something, you need to become a damn good storyteller.

If you want to have the best resources, you need to tell your story.

Start with making a question mark in your audience's brain.

Then make them emotional with a personal experience.

In the end, you need to bring a smile.

The *New* Digital Marketing Advocate