MBGA: Why climate change will wipe out your business and what you can do about it?

Think the COVID-19 is the biggest threat to your business?

Are you kidding me?

The biggest problem on our planet is climate change.

There is not any exact estimate of how many people will die directly and indirectly from global warming.

However billions of people will lose their homes, their country becomes inhabitable and many people will just looking to resolve their basic needs.

So, guess what? No people, No money. Your business will be wiped out.

With climate change, there is no future for today's businesses.

Today corporations — and yeah startups — mostly focus on revenue and tend to ignore this biggest problem of our world.

The good news we can do something about it. The bad news is our brain tends to ignore long-term threats and only thinks in terms of instant threats and short period.

Take COVID-19 for example.

Put dealing with climate change within your business

Look at today's situation.

Every single day organization thinks about how they can tackle with COVID-19 and survive.

They write down plans, strategies, and scenarios for the future.

But what about climate change?

Almost no one gives a fuck to this problem.

So the thing is we can turn climate change into an instant threat.

Let’s call them “Green meetings”. Every week we gather all main decision-makers in the corporation to discuss:

What our team did last week about sustainability and become green?

What actions we must take this week?

Also, there is must be once-a-month “Green meetings” Which you discuss:

What is threatens of climate change for our business?

What are the trends in the market around climate change?

How we can turn those threat(s) to opportunities?

What we accomplished in the past month?

What are the goals next month?

Actually become sustainable is the new branding.

If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

Man, I can’t do any shit about climate change. We just haven’t the money?

Every business can turn into a green and sustainable business.

Keep in mind suitability isn’t just fancy words. You have no choice. You should become green if you want to stay in the game.

Another thing is every business can become green, without spending millions of dollars or so.

You can start with little things. Like, make your office green by planting more trees and implement vertical farming.

In the long run, it will increase productivity.

Also, you can even sell your office — Are you still use office? — and give some sapling to your employee to plant wherever they want.

You can gather all employees to plant trees together.

This budget-friendly and beneficial acts will turn you into a green business. But well… It’s just the beginning.

You must change strategy to become fully sustainable.

Every single act of organization must be sustainable. From recycling trash to stop developing software for corporations to find new oil fields.

So, this is the take out:

Make dealing with climate change in your routines, start small, change strategy.



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