Optimizing your marketing tech stack, Marketing strategy, and Project Management for Marketers Review

Growth marketing is a huge topic that can contain things like email marketing to landing page optimization. Maybe you ask, what the heck is the growth marketing? That’s a very good question. In my opinion, growth marketing is how you can grow your business using different channels and strategies. Like anything else in marketing, it will start with good research and finding opportunities/problems in your products or services. So far, I realized growth marketing (unlike brand marketing) isn’t about hitting the home run and coming up with big ideas right away. Growth marketing isn’t about perfection. Most importantly growth marketing is about making progress. This is how you can gradually be better and provide a better experience for people. I believe growth marketing is the new marketing. Where marketers care about whole the journey of people, not just a tiny point in the funnel. Because at the end of the day, people judge your whole company and product based on the experience they had.

As you know, for 12 weeks, every week I’m writing about what did I learned about growth marketing in the CXL growth marketing mini degree which is one of the best course that you can join it and learn many things about growth marketing. You can enroll to level up your marketing skills or for breaking into a growth marketing career. After 12 reviews, this my last article that we will dig into marketing tech stack, marketing strategy, and project management. So, are you ready? Let’s get started.

Optimizing your marketing tech stack

What is the marketing tech stack? This is every tool and product you use to level up your marketing. There is a ton of tools that allow you to organize and extract data, track people’s behaviors on the website and optimize your landing page. Every day there is a new tool that you can tap into and be better at marketing. But the thing is about marketing tech you must know what tools you currently use and what are the new tools that you can use to be better at marketing.

One of the most important things that I learned in this course was using websites like producthunt to discover new tools. Using this website you can have a track record of new marketing tools that is mostly free and allow you to do a better job in your marketing. Also, there are other websites that you can use to discover new tools. I personally use 100in100.co that will allow finding more products and tools that can help you to for example send better emails and start a better campaigns on social media. So, why you waiting for? Start using these websites to discover new exciting products.

Another thing is you should also review your competitors regularly to see what products they use. This is will help you to identify opportunities and stay ahead of the business game. You can use tools like Wappalyzer that will with one click show you the tools and technologies that a website uses. So, go ahead, visit producthunt and check on your competitors sooner than anyone discovers new tools to perfect your marketing.

Marketing strategy

As I told many times in my reviews, research is everything in growth marketing. This is how you can find problems and opportunities and optimize the customer experience. This also applies in setting up a marketing strategy. First thing first, you should do your homework and research, and then you can see the bigger picture and create an effective and actionable strategy. Without proper research, you cannot develop an effective marketing strategy and probably you’re just guessing. And also you must know you should do your research in the right way. Just any type of research doesn’t give you that vision you need for your business and your marketing overall. You should do dig into quantitive data and doing qualitative research to found out what do you need and then you can craft an actionable and non BS marketing strategy that can be really implemented and drive growth for your business.

Also, one of the things that I learned in this course was how much a good SWOT analysis can help you in developing a marketing strategy. To be honest, you should keep that in mind whenever you want to write a strategy for everything in business. Because this is when you can have a better picture of the product, a service, competitors, and so on.

And don’t forget to develop a strategy that is fully aligned with your vision. The vision of a company always should be like a north star that can guide you through the journey.

Another thing that I learned in this course was focus can be magical. Just doing one thing at a time can actually level up your marketing. So, why you waiting for? Go ahead and with focus and proper research create your marketing strategies. And don’t forget about the company’s vision.

Project Management for Marketers

As marketers, we have a ton of projects every month that we are working on. From that email marketing campaign to writing that article. We need to focus and know about the basics of project menagement. This is how we can do a better job. In this course, I learned a lot of things. For example, I realized how much the right people, right priorities, and right processes matter. Actually, if you have all of these 3 things, you can easily manage your projects, hit the goals, and be successful in your marketing.

The thing is I believe focus and the right systems (process) damn matters. Why? Because context is everything and making decisions about what to do next is how you can achieve your goals.

So, if you wanna manage your newest project in the best way, go ahead and start with setting up the right system. Then, you need to decide what’s the most impactful thing that I want to do and what goal is really to make a difference.




No Paradox. No Progress.

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Ali Eskandari

No Paradox. No Progress.

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