Social media: The manipulation algorithm

Information is everywhere, anytime.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; all of them bombing us with new information. Every single moment.

Today’s life is just consuming.

Dinner is served, sir. What is dinner?

“More information.”

The art of living is missing in the era of social media.

Social media: content pool

The content on social media is not necessarily knowledge or wisdom, most of them are random junks.

You mostly consuming junk on social media that have no value and there is no point to read or watch it. Your time and your data are much more valuable than those shitty content. Isn’t it?

But before deleting social media, wait for a second, are social media is actually a devil?

Not quite!

Social media: The big devil?

We tend to think social media is why we can’t achieve our goals.

Zuckerberg or other leaders do not want us to succeed. They are standing in our way to stop us.

The brain loves these thoughts.

Because in those scenarios, we are not the person who make mistakes. We are just incident people.

I know I know, This feels so good you think only others are responsible for your life.

The hard truth is, it’s not.

Because we are a mindless zombie, we choose to scroll mindlessly for 5 hours or so on Instagram.

We choose to like influences rather than searching for wisdom and connecting with good people.

Exploring mindfully on social media

Live with focusing on your purpose. When you have that, you just see that.

Eye on the prize.

Like a champion.

Whenever you using social media or other media, you just focus on your purpose. You might ask yourself, how I can achieve my goals with this “tool”.

Remember as long as they stay a tool, they don’t harm you. But if they become something else, they become a monster. A data & time-eating monster.

I think millions of people — if I don’t say a billion — use social media mindlessly.

People instead of trying to use tools to achieve their purpose, like the latest photo from that selfish influencer that wants to tell people “(despite you!) I am so rich and happy.

The pitfall of social media

Research shows that social media increase anxiety and stress in people.

If you don’t focus on your purpose, it’s become a powerful tool for “other” to manipulate you and make a living for themselves.

Honestly, they in a war to get your attention to their profiles to make a living.

This is the pitfall of social media.

But social media is just in the beginning stages.

The future of social media

In the future and when many more strong algorithms came out and with VR get better, social media actually can be your only world. The future of social media gets scary in that way.

They can manipulate us more than ever. Sell us more junks and fill their pocket.

Big problem or big opportunity?

With smarter AI, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin can force us to consume more.

But as Yuval N. Harari said:

Technology is never deterministic

.On the other hand, this is a big opportunity.

Social media is a great tool for growing, building community, and building trust.

It’s a great channel to spread the word and be influential in a good way.

Don’t allow social media, the environment, and others to manipulate you to forget what is mean being YOU.

How to get back control?

How to get back control?

I started by asking myself:

“What is my purpose in life”?

Taking your time. You don’t need to answer that right away or after a few months or even years. The point is to recognize it.

Then I start practicing mindfulness.

It’s helped me to be aware of my surround. It’s helped me focus on the present. It’s learn me how to focus on things that really matter.

I show the algorithm who is the boss. It’s helped me get back control of my life — most of the time. 😉




No Paradox. No Progress.

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Ali Eskandari

No Paradox. No Progress.

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