Some thoughts about the future: A subscription life

You buy a monthly subscription to watch a film, you buy a monthly subscription to rent a home and so on.

But it’s just the tip of the revelation. COVID-19 is one of the awful things that humankind experiences, but it just accelerates technological disruption and will emerge new businesses and markets in the coming years.

I believe one of these markets is subscription-based life. You don’t own a thing anymore in the future, you just rent it for a short period of time.

It can be your partner, country, home, content, and everything else you buy permanently today. Also, climate change is one of the accelerators of subscription-based life.

We need to produce reused products and be part of a sustainable and circular economy if we want a green and liveable planet.

But what does look like living in a subscription-based life?

Let’s go on a trip.

Subscription experiences, everywhere!

Before wearing your AR glasses, you see ocean view, you are working and living in one of the canary islands.

You wear your glasses and buy a weekly subscription in Bali which includes food, home, fruit, and festivals. You go there in minutes with the help of rockets. You find yourself alone yourself.

You book a partner from Canada to join you this week in Bali to walking on the beach and wandering around Bali together.

You get an hourly subscription for hyperloop and get a weekly subscription for having fun with a group of like-minded people on the beach.

This will happen right now. Airbnb just launches their “experience” section in which you can be in your home and enjoy experiences all around the world, virtually.

It’s just the begging of renting experiences. In the near future, we will able to book any experiences — maybe with the help of Airbnb — for any period of time.

Maybe things like home, home-country, residents lose their meaning. Maybe the government announces some new plans for visas.

It Could change visa definition. You might able to get a monthly subscription from a country to live there.

So when we can get a weekly or monthly subscription for home and other stuff why we can’t have a subscription plan for the human body and organism?

A subscription-based human

The brain is the most important part of humans. We can have another brain and give our mind other inputs to understand the world.

I believe in the future we will get hourly/weekly/monthly subscription-based bodies. We constantly change our bodies.

You don’t own things in the future. Maybe you don’t own your brain even! Sounds like we gonna back to communism in the future, A new communism.

A subscription-based life is another experiment for humans in the quest of finding a better way of living.



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