Some thoughts about the future: Cities

Our cities will look the same in the near or distant future? What cities will look like in the 22nd century?

As you know cities are now full of skyscrapers and tall glass buildings. Actually most of the cities especially cities in third world countries look so cold and ruthless.

There is just space for gray buildings and cars.

That’s sucks!

Humans love old things and want to attach themselves to them. That’s why people dreaming about living in a wooden and old house in the middle of the forest.

Many people want to have this life. But it will change sooner or later. We have to change our civilization completely to survive.

Let’s start the adventure and see what will happen in the future.

Rise of Ecological cities

If we want to survive climate change, we need green cities.

We need cities which can produce clean energy from the sun, wind and waste food. The cities in the future will look like more than a forest, than glass cities.

We will back to nature and old ways to live. We transform old ways with innovation to make them more efficient.

In the future, we might build our artificial tree to clean the earth, produce fruit for us, and be a nice and wooden home for us.

Maybe in the future thousands of people live in a single tree.

Let’s tell you a story.

I’m bicycling toward a big tree with numerous braces. The big tree has so many leaves and every one of them is home.

They just like a leave, but they have windows to produce energy from the sun. A tiny wind turbine attaches to every home.

I’m bicycling in an isolated and transparent tunnel. Around me is full of animals which sing and live in trees. Suddenly a hyperloop stop in the neighborhood tunnel. Some people get off.

The city is full of big and small (artificial) trees. between them, there are tunnels that host hyperloops or people who running or bicycling.

The booming era of float cities

Let’s be honest with each other. Earth won’t our home for a long time. We will abandon it and start wandering in space.

Hear this story.

I the last human on the earth. I want to stay here. Cities are transformed into a big float ball and head to space.

They need more resources to have bigger cities and that’s why they abandon earth.

Here on the earth is dusty and humans consume all of the resources and anything they could. Now, It looks like more Mars than Earth.

In the distant future cities will be floating in space and looking for resources to develop themselves faster.

In the distant future, humans will be spread in the universe and desperately try to trade with other civilizations.



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