Some thoughts about the future: Earth


We just say that because we haven’t the technology to build our own floating home in the space.

Earth isn’t our only our even our home.

It’s more like an Airbnb for us!

As human civilization, we will stay at different homes. Rent them, use them, and leave them.

We haven’t a home. We just constantly seeking new resources to nurture ourselves.

We are living on the blue planet call earth. It’s pretty amazing though. But today we don’t gonna talk about beautiful sites on the planet.

We want to talk about the future of the earth. How humans will change this planet?

Let’s take you to an adventure.

Earth: Isolated cities and orbit resident

Working and living from home is the future. Certainly, people will turn to local communities and experiences.

People will be more with their family and in their houses. But it’s not about COVID-19.

Climate change will take isolation into another level.

We need to run away from high temperatures in the future. We need to tun away from rising sea levels, storms, and floods.

For being safe, we need to build isolated cities. Cities with enormous transparent solar panels which produce energy and keep us safe.

Roads, parks, farms, and all of them become isolated.

Maybe some cities relocated into the deep down the ocean.

But it’s not the whole story.

More humans will be live in the orbit of the earth. They can stay for a specific time and work or just have fun there!

The future earth will be full of big and small isolated cities with a lot of trees and grass.

Cities will don’t longer rely on oil or any other city to produce their energy, they produce themselves.

Actually in the future cities and individuals become more reliant on themselves. W

ith the help of vertical farms, they will produce their fruits, foods and etc.

Earth: Bye, Bye!

If we want to be a developed civilization in the universe, we need more resources.

So what we gonna do? We will be wandering in space to find new resources — not home.

It can be another civilization in the universe or just a planet full of free resources.

In the future, we will forget all thing about the earth. Our memories, all the human life on that tiny planet.

We will be constantly meeting new planet to nurture ourselves. Because after all, it’s not about having a home, it’s about having resources.

In the future, we will not be only limited to the resource of a little planet to develop our technology.

We will have access to the whole universe — and maybe multi-verse.



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