Some thoughts about the future: Energy

Future of energy
Future of energy

Every single thing you see in the world will change in the future.

The way we live now, it’s become very old and like stone age in the eye people from the future.

The things we call modern and high-tech become a simple technology and basic things in the future.

It makes me kind of jealous. Because I can’t see that future. But maybe we can.

Humans have a great power call imagination. Imagination’s like a machine that can take you anywhere in time and space.

With imagination, we can build and destroy an entire universe, just in our minds.

It’s a superpower which we tend to ignore it.

Most of us seeking to gain mind-reading or invisibility power. But the great power is here, in our mind. Waiting for us to using it.

What future of energy industry looks like? How are we going to feed computers, gadgets and etc in the future?

These are some thoughts about the future of energy.

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New energy sources

Let’s start an adventure into the future of energy.

The green sources

Solar and wind energy
Solar and wind energy
Solar and wind energy

If we will be lucky and survive from climate change, we see a future where people don’t have to burn oil and gas to produce energy.

In the near future, we don’t need to act like parasites and ruin our host planet.

Solar and wind will gonna dominate the whole energy industry. The buildings will integrate with solar panels and maybe wind turbines.

Wind turbines will become major landmarks in cities. Maybe we build an artificial tree to produce energy and clean the earth simultaneously.

I believe we will see tiny and big nuclear reactors all over the earth and even in our apartment.

The reactors will help us to feed our super-powerful computers and AI assistants.

At that time, we finally can save the planet and build green cities. But the thing is even this way become vintage.

Certainly we in the future we have more gadgets and devices and we need more energy.

Actually the amount of energy we consume in this era, become a joke for our grandchildren.

The cosmic sources

Star and dark energy
Star and dark energy
Star and dark energy

Today we produce energy from solar panels. The sun is the source of all solar energy.

So why we don’t make our sun(s)?

Imagine that future.

We will build tiny or big stars to produce massive energy for our civilization. We can make any stars, from a white Dwarf to even our sun.

it’s crazy now and seems impossible.

But believe or not, we need to build our stars to thrive in interstellar space.

Imagine a supermassive spaceship that carries the whole human civilization in space. This spaceship will be powered with few stars and dark energy.

What do you think? I am really interested to hear more thoughts.

In this next article, I take you to the future where we will travel with super speed rockets and blackholes.

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