Some thoughts about the future: Entertainment

Laying on the couch, eating pizza, and watching Netflix. Scrolling the Instagram page and drinking your tea.

Sit behind the desk and start playing online with your friends. Watching porn while you sleeping in the bed.

This what entertainment looks like today. But what about the future? Are people still using Netflix and watching movies?

Are people in the future tend to check their IG feed every hour? What they will do?

Imagination is our superpower.

So, let’s turn it on and start the adventure.

Entertainment: You are the hero!

The thing about today's entertainment is someone builds it for you to watch and in this way he/she can make money.

So, It’s not personalized and there is just some general category and you must find something based on your interest.

You just watch them on your mobile screen and don’t play and engage with movies. You can just imagine yourself in the movie, clip, game, porn. It’s sucks! Today ways are so solid!

There is not engaging and you can just watch. But it will change hopefully. You will be the hero.

Imagine you watching the Spirited Away animation. Today only you can stare at the story on a 2D screen.

But in the near future, we will be in the game. You will be one of the main characters — let’s say Kamaji — and play your own role and story. The animation will change based on your favor.

Just the general idea remains and you can write your own adventure. With help of AR, VR, and AI you will be in that environment and will live there. How cool is it?

If you think in terms of this future, you will not be impressed with movies and animations anymore!

Engagement will be lead next revolution in the entertainment indystry. People can be in the game, write their own story, and have an adventure, without going anywhere.

I wonder what about the distant future?

What is entertainment?

According to Wikipedia:

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience or gives pleasure and delight.

As a human after a long day, we need entertainment. We need to relax and delights.

In the future where we have no physical body and augmented with AI software, what is delights means exactly?

I just say maybe entertainment become a thing from the past. A thing that people in the distant future will learn about it in history courses.

In my point of view in the future, our entertainment will be adding content value to our community — networks of brains.

We will be building, experiencing, and discovering all the time. It can about science, business, technology, design and so on.

Maybe the future of entertainment is learning.



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