Some thoughts about the future: Food


Don’t expect what you have now, is permanent. Everything can change in one glimpse.

This is happening at this very moment. Near or distant future will be so different compare to what we have now.

All things we have today will become out-of-date in the next decades and centuries.

Now, What about the food? Are in the near and distant future we will still eat like this?

We will go to the MacDonalds or even we cook? Do foods become a thing from the past?

The future of food: Pills and experiences

I believe in the future people don’t eat foods like today. Our ways may seem modern and cool.

Compare to early humans we eat better foods, we sit around a table, we pray, we eat with cutlery and this list goes on.

But we still eating the foods and the general thing is not changed at all.

In the future, it will gonna be different. So

“Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Just swallow it!

Food pills

“Hey Ali! I just see a new website that provides new cool plant-based pills. Maybe you are interested.”

My friend said.

“Sure. Show me. “

I said.

“Just look at this. It contains wonderful flavors, like fried shrimp. It what you like.”

My friend said.

“Yeah, I like that. Just a sec.”

I said.

I open the box, grab one pill which was written on it “Dinner: King-size hamburger”. And immediately I swallow it.

To be honest, sometimes eating food is can be very time-consuming and frustrating.

I can at that time, write a new article or check the sales number and make a relationship with potential customers.

But what I doing, I just sit, look around and eat my meat.

Fortunately, it will gonna change in the future. Pills are gonna take over foods.

You check the website, buy a bunch of pills and you swallow them regularly for breakfast, launch, and dinner.

So what will happen to the restaurants? It’s a hard truth, but they become businesses belong to the past and we don’t see any of them in the future.

Let’s tell you a story.

One of my friends owned a restaurant, he was so successful, until Covid-19. He hit the rock bottom. It’s hard to see people laid-out and depress.

He must fire great people from his restaurant who have family and kids.

This decision makes him depressed for a few weeks. He broke, almost.

He sees Covid-19 as an opportunity and he now owns a digital marketing agency.

The restaurants will disappear for sure.

The thing is we must constantly look for new opportunities and learn new things, for surviving in this world.

But is just the beginning of the food revolution.

Trust me, with this, you can experience the taste of nipples!

This image shows human food culture and how human eat something called “Food”

“Believe me, it takes to your girlfriend, now and here. You don’t need to do something. I Just give this data and you can enjoy the experience of tasting your girlfriend nipples.”

The salesperson said.

“Cool, Really? Before I download, I want to have a 10-second trial.”

I said.

In the future, food and almost anything else, become just an experience.

you will be downloading a bunch of data to experience different flavors and things.

Just imagine it.

You can experience whole Korean foods. It will be like a trip. But actually it’s a downloadable data and information.

How are you feeling now about food?

What do you think? Feel free to share some thoughts.

In the next article, I take you to the future where we will sleep in on-demand capsules and chill in blackholes.



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