Some thoughts about the future: Lifestyle


Many people think we are today modern animals with a high level of technology.

But the thing is, we just take the very first step to becoming a modern civilization.

Look around. Every single thing you see now will change in the future. With this attitude, we can build a better world.

I don’t disagree with being grateful and happy for what we have. But we can be grateful and also don’t satisfied with what we have now and take action to build better things.

Don’t forget, we can always be gray. We can always be both.

I start “some thoughts about the future” articles to encourage people to have a long-term mindset and building legacies.

Now, let’s talk about future lifestyle.

A new lifestyle

Before Covid-19 people tend to go office and work 9–5 and then go home, eat dinner, have a little chat with their family/friends, and then go to sleep.

Perry boring, right? But it’s changed a little bit.

People work from home.

I believe every problem can be an opportunity for thriving. And Covid-19 is one of those.

It’s accelerating the digital transformation of the world and helps us to achieve a better life.

In the near future, we don’t have to work in the offices. We can work anytime, anywhere, and with our family.

We don’t have to work in stressful workplaces, dealing with sh***y bosses, and don’t see our family for a long time.

It’s changed already and it’s just the beginning of a new lifestyle. Let’s call it a modern lifestyle.

Back to old days in a new way

Most of all love old things. All of us at least love one vintage thing.

A wooden table, A handwritten invitation, and Radio. Technology constantly evolves experiences.

Radio, podcast.

Book, digital book readers.

Newspaper, websites.

The point is we can learn a lot from history to know how to do things in a better way.

People in the past work and live in a local community to get and give products and services from their nearby people. Like this:

I made baskets and I give the basket for getting a bunch of forage for my horse.

Now we are doing things internationally. But in the future, this lifestyle will change.

Rise of the local communities

local communitt

I believe in the future we go back to support our local communities and do business within our society.

It will change how we work and live. We can be in our home, with our family, and making money.

We can give or get products and services from other people in our local community. Like the old days.

Everyone will be a founder of their own home-based small business. They solve a problem from people in their community and people will support them.

People together will start small factories to produce things and in this way, we can break big techs and solve step by step inequality. Just imagine it.

I’m at home and working on an Augment reality poster for my friend’s small business. She builds furniture. Also, me and my girlfriend baking cake. We make a ton of money and also working together at home. “Ring, ring! Your package is here Ali!” the home said with a kind tone. In the corner of the home, in a cylindrical, a package shows up instantly. I open it. “Tara, your sex toy from your sister factory — call SeSi is here.” I said.

Lifestyle in next 1000, 10000 or 1 million year

So, now what lifestyle look like in the distant future.

I think the way we live and work will be based on the economy of sharing thoughts and ideas.

We can instantly build a thing from a thought. We will constantly share thoughts in a network that connects our brain to all universes.

Sharing thoughts, build things instantly, and testing it, and repeat. The modern lifestyle.

From another perspective, we will always test new things and building new things and that will be our life.

What do you think? I am really interested to hear more thoughts.

In this next article, I will be dreaming about the future of energy. How we will make energy and feed our machines and gadgets?



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