Some thoughts about the future: Relationship


he hard truth is the world is changing every single moment. There is no normal or static environment or situation.

Normal is a pretty dumb word. What is normal? If we want to learn and become a better person, we need to be not normal.

In normal, there is no opportunity for thriving.


In this story of “Some thoughts about the future” let’s dream about how people make a relationship in the future. How do we connect with each other? What being a friend will look like in the future? What sexual relationship look like in the distant future?

Relationship: Holograms, AI-based Robots & Data Networks

Tinder, Pornhub, and Facebook are very normal things now. But for our ancestors, they are pretty awkward.

It’s not far from expectation the future of relationships would be so crazy and awkward for us too.

Let’s begin the adventure.

I love you! I am so happy to have you here, with me!

A hologram

So let’s talk about ourselves, Where are you from?

I said.

Currently, I’m in the Roussillon, but you know maybe I move to Paris. Where are you from?

He said.

That’s so great I love France. I’m from Shanghai. Compare to Roussillon, it’s so crowded here.

I said and I stare at his body.

Yeah exactly and that’s why I living in the Roussillon.

He said.

I believe being together and starting a relationship would be very different than what we have today.

All things will be fully remote.

But not on an app and with some pictures. We will see a realistic hologram of people.

We chat, we date, and we even with a sex robot will sex together.

Being together will change to being remotely together. Our best friends will be connected and talk with us with holograms.

Maybe in the near future, we go walking and running with our remote friends.

She will run is his house and you will be running in the street. But the actions will be set and it looks like you actually running together.

Maybe we become more lonely at that time. But we aren’t lonely even now?

At the next stage, AI will take over all our friends and relationships.

Everything becomes integrated with AI. Our best friends, girlfriends, and boyfriends become a AI software and hardware.

Babes, give me some of those data!


I really like you to have some information about the 12U-B universe. It’s so interesting.

I said.

Yeah, but you know I don’t interested to transforming my data for a while at least. I Have lost recently and for a while, I can’t transform data. Sorry!

She said.

In the future, everything becomes a dot in a network. A dot that contains a certain amount of information and data.

Relationships become a process of transforming data and information.

The thing we call now “sex” becomes a word for the successful transformation of data and information.

The more data is equal to more pleasure.

Feel strange?

What do you think? Feel free to share some thoughts.

In the next article, I take you to the future where we will eat pills as a launch and share an experience as a dinner.

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