Some thoughts about the future: Sleep


People believe we are living in a modern world. But I believe it’s the opposite.

Today, we don’t live in modern society. We are not even close to becoming one of them.

The sleep industry is more than a $40 Billion dollar business which is booming right now.

Today, we have smart beds and a bunch of useless and useful health gadgets to track our sleep.

The whole rush is for having a good night sleep.

But, what happened in the future?

How we will sleep and rest? Does sleep become a thing from the past?

The future of sleep: Capsules, VR, and Wormholes

Sleep is a crucial part of our lives. Actually we spend one-third of our lives on it.

Sleep very important and more sleep is equal to more productivity and creativity.

But here a big question:

Is sleep an inefficient act?

Ride on!

Sleep capsule
Sleep capsule

Ali, I need sleep and some mindfulness practice.

Sarah said.

Of course, just don’t forget about the meeting.

I said.

Okay, see you soon.

Sarah said. And then she pushed a button on an app and opened the door of the capsule and sleep in it.

I believe in the near future we will sleep and rest in a completely isolated space.

Where we don’t hear any noises and we will be in another place.

We sleep in the capsule, put the damn headset on, and chill!

Imagine it.

You hear the sound of the water splashing. Birds are singing. You lying on the grass and looking to the blue and clear sky.

You are in The Ruinaultam without actually going there.

You close your eyes, but you still there. You feeling the grass. The breeze is blowing.

ُThe sleep will be transformed to short trips whenever and wherever you want.



When we augmented with AI and robot, we certainly don’t need sleep. Sleeping will teach to people as a thing in the early-human era.

But what they do? How they rest and chill? Wormholes can be our answer.

With Wormholes, you can travel in space-time. Who’s know? Maybe this change in space-time could be a kind of sleep and rest for future people.

Another thought is maybe dark matter becomes a new mattress for us.

For sleep or whatever you call it, we first disconnect ourselves from the network, and then we begin an adventure in the dark matter.

Now, what do you think about sleep? Feel free to share some thoughts.

In the next article, I take you to the future where writing, typing, and touching —and maybe thinking — become a thing from the past.



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