Some thoughts about the future: Travel


Undoubtfully COVID-19 has a big effect on the travel industry. Many people compare this to WW2's effect on this industry.

The interesting thing for me is maybe COVID-19 actually help this industry to thrive in the future.

Whose know?

The travel industry hit the rock bottom. Often this situation is the beginning of a new era.

Travel will gonna change forever and it’s just the very first step.

Travel: Super fast, sustainable, rockets, interstellar voyages and Inter universal travels

Every single technology we use today it was a fiction back then.

It was like a joke and crazy!

But here we are. We using this crazy stuff and can’t imagine life without them.

This will also apply to the future.

Let’s dreaming.

3, 2, 1, LAUNCH!


Airplane? Really? People in the past use airplane to travel. How people use that. It’s Sucks!

The future grandchildren said with a mocking tone.

Hyperloops will replace buses, cars, airplanes, and traditional trains.

We will see hyperloops everywhere. In the street, in the woods, and even underwater and beneath cities.

No matter where you want to go, you can always book a hyperloop and a few minutes late. BOOM! You will be there.

The planet we live, become small and smaller. Everyone in a few minutes can go wherever they want. But it’s just one glimpse of that future.

Hey Hey David! Where had you been in the past month?

I said.

Well, you know I had some negotiations on the Mars HQ and it was so frustrating. But the travel side was amazing. I visit Olympus Mon. Man, it’s damn big. Everest compares to this giant, it’s like a child! First I go to the Hawking launch site.

David said.

Really? Hawking site? It’s the biggest launch site on the earth and every day they launch 100 rocket into space. It’s so cool.

I said.

This weekend I will visit Tarantula Nebula


I’m sorry Anastasia! I can’t come with you. I must visit my friend in the 11T-E universe. He needs some advice on his marriage. You know marriage in the 11T-E it’s so complicated.

I said.

Okay, I understand. But what do you think about visiting UY Scuti next month?

Anastasia said.

That seems cool. I’m in. Just book a SpaceWhale and let me know.

I said.

The travel in the distant future will be so different than what we have today.

What we have today it’s like stone-age technology compares to the future.

Travel becomes life and work. As an intelligence civilization, we constantly travel and don’t stay on a planet or even a universe.

We constantly moving with super fast spaceships, black holes, and hidden roads and tunnels in the dark matter.

Feel like an early human?

What do you think? Feel free to share some thoughts.

In the next article, I take you to the future where we will date with a network of information and sex with a hologram.




No Paradox. No Progress.

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Ali Eskandari

Ali Eskandari

No Paradox. No Progress.

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