Starting a stubborn company: Build a persistent and self-motivated team

stubborn kid

Building a company from 0 is hard.

Oh, Shut the fuck off Ali!

It’s impossible, sort of.

There are so many obstacles in the way which can stop you from keep moving. And guess what?

the company will die!

Every single company which endures for more than 10 years, is a stubborn company.

Every great company is highly proficient to build a stubborn culture within the organization to last long.

That’s the real deal. So #1 hard truth:

if you so far just hearing your family cheers and confident with scores you made in university, so be ready for a big punch in your face.

Despite media want to show starting a company — or startup or whatever you call it — it’s perry exciting and full of joy and glorious moment.

So this #2 hard truth:

this is not. It’s shitty!

Actually it can be fucking boring and frustrating. Most of the builders/founders are experiencing burnout all the time.

But what you see in movies and media? just fake exciting moments of raising funds or hitting 1 billion dollars in valuation.

The secret the great companies know is even you raising billions of dollars in funds and experiencing success, you must work harder than ever.

It’s simple. Because every success can lead to a big crushing. We need to build stubborn companies.

So, Let’s do this shit.

Think in term of a battalion

Believe it or not, business is a war.

What is war?

A log tedious, dangerous, and frustrating process can be led to death.

In my point of view, this is a fundamental definition of business. This war can be inside and outside a company.

We need stubborn businesses that can survive and then thrive in this process.
For winning constantly in this war, you need an army. A powerful one.

Aye, Aye, sir!

Why do most early-stage companies fail? Because they try to enter a war with an entry-level army.

In the first step, you will die.

First of all, thinking about how to build a team of powerful people. In this article powerful means being persistent and self-motivated.

This is the very first step to building a stubborn company.

Without taking this step, please don’t come on the battlefield with balls in your hand — it’s Persian metaphor about a person with no equipment.

The #3 hard truth is:

Ideas are cheap.

Especially when you think have a great idea, I can promise you someone else before you try to do it and fail.

So building that idea is the real deal. So, get your ass to work! Daydreaming doesn’t help you to build it.

In your army, you need at least one person who experienced the battlefield and can help you to take action about challenges and obstacles.

I can't lie to you and say if you have a persistent and self-motivated team you will gonna succeed.

It’s just a basic thing. There is no certain way to succeed.

Just make sure you have the basic and fundamental knowledge and start it.



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