The best and fastest way to learn essential life skills

starting a business

The current educational system is sucks!

It’s doesn't learn you the most important skills — life skills.

But how we can learn life skills, without wasting decades wandering around?

Start a business!

To build & found yourself, start a business

What the heck is the essential life skills?

Simple — yet hard to learn — skills that schools and universities don't learn you.

Skills like communication, problem-solving, creativity, decision-making, self-awareness and etc.

Skills that will not be replaced by AI any time soon.

When you starting a business, you will hit the rock bottom.

You suddenly face with big challenges and have to learn the skills you need to survive.

Frankly, you don’t have any other choices.

Starting a business is a good practice to find your mission in life and connect with people.

Where do I start?

Solve one of your problems.

It doesn’t matter you want to start a bakery or a tech startup, just do it.

Don’t think, talk, and plan too much.

The key to learning is to start doing.

Get hell out of your comfort zone, step into the real world, and start a biz.



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