The Next Big Thing: AR Offices

The Next Big Thing: AR Offices

AR Offices is one of the gifts of merging two worlds, physical and digital.

AR or Augmented Reality will change everything.

We will see the rise of AR offices (augmented reality offices) all over the world.

We can do anything, anywhere with AR glasses.

Let’s tell you a story.

AR offices and your new lifestyle

Beep, Beep, Beep, wake up Ali! Google Assistant said. “It’s 9:30 AM, Wake up lazy man! it’s time to go to your AR office

“Okay, Okay!” I said. “I’m trying you sleep more and you are annoying, you little…”

“But you have a meeting at 10 AM and you should wake up.” Google Assistant said.
“Oh shit!” I said and immediately I got out of bed, drink water, and go to the bathroom.

I did not wear any clothes — I just wear my underwear.

AR goggle, your new key to AR offices

AR goggle, your new key to AR offices

Then I drink some more water, put goggles on, and boom! I’m into the AR office.

“Choose your avatar.” Google assistant said.

I switch between AR avatars which stand in front of me. All of them are virtually version of me, but with different clothes.

Some of them wear a formal dress (coat with red collar) and some of them are more friendly (with a T-shirt that prints on them WTF!).

“Google, who I will meet today?” I said, “Nevermind, what cloth you recommend to put on for today’s meeting?”

“Hmmm, I suggest you choose that avatar with a blue coat and blue collar, it much better for this meeting.” Google Assistant said, “Maybe with black collar, yeah! With a black collar.”

Meetings in AR offices

Meetings in AR offices

In my home, there is a virtual luxury wooden table which in the middle of it you can see the company’s logo. It’s a new decorative for my AR office.

Suddenly an avatar with blond hair and a brown skirt shows up on another side of the table “Hey, Ali! I’m Sofia, from BlueTech.”

Then a 3D and realistic model of a home appear and the table fades out. It’s on my top of the bedroom.

I can observe it in different angels and from inside and out.

“This our newest project, well…” And she starts talking about the project.

With a pinch in or out I can see the home completely and with amazing details.

I can see chairs, clocks, even simulated people.

With the help of AI, I can even see how changes will affect real-time on the home.

An AR-based future

This future is not very far away. In the coming decades, we will see AR more and more and it changes everything.

We don’t need screens and monitors. We just need goggles to make the world into a giant screen.

Offices will become virtual and you can collaborate with your team in real-time and with their avatars.

AR offices are the angel of death of physical offices

AR offices are the angel of death of physical offices

Many people believe AR here to stay. Just imagine the possibilities of this technology. AR offices, AR games, AR apps, and so on.

Maybe now AR has just limited to the Pokemon Go or something similar, But it’s just the beginning.

The funny fact is every big and great thing starts as a hobby.

In the age of AR, sorry! There will be no physical offices.

AR offices with AR people!

Maybe Amazon recently invests in the physical offices, but if the influence of AR growing, we see more people put goggles on and collaborating in AR offices.

You can be anywhere and also simultaneously be in the office.

There is no limit.

Today’s maybe you should consider meeting your friends in-person. But in the near future, you even didn’t need this.

You just need to build the avatar and then kickstart!

In this way, they find peace and also make money.

The businesses will be offering more flexibility for people.

The “new normal” for businesses is just starting.

AR will not be limited to business, maybe your next girlfriend/boyfriend be an AR AI-based avatar that understands very better than your current BF or GF.

Revolutionary AR

Merging to the world — digital and physical — will create a new market and a ton of startups.

Maybe today you can disconnect yourself from the digital world and not look at the monitors.

But in the future, all of the worlds become a monitor. Your eye becomes a projector to show the digital element in the physical world.

Certainly, no one can predict the future, but trends and startup world says we gonna see more AR thingy in our daily life.

AR will bring us a new lifestyle.

We can engage with each other, even we far away and living in the middle of the island.

Welcome to the future — AR offices!

Welcome to the future — AR offices!

AR offices aren’t a fancy thing that disappears after a few years.

AR is here to stay.

You will in the future, surf the web, chat, meet, date, work, and live through AR lenses.

The merging of the physical and digital world kickstart a new line of “smartphones” and wearable gadgets.

We will be able to have meaningful cooperation with our colleagues. The virtual meeting will transfer to the AR meeting.

AR collaboration is with feelings and has all the good things of the physical world and more!

Next time, maybe you work on a project while you in the AR office — collaborating with some high-quality avatars.




No Paradox. No Progress.

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No Paradox. No Progress.

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