We don’t need to take a long vacation on a remote island to be happy and productive.

We don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for having good times.

We don’t need to ruing the planet with traveling around the world with planes.

I believe every day can be full of adventures.

Every day can be a holiday to boost your productivity.

Every single day can be a fantastic holiday.

But what the hell is this? How we can do this?

Let’s do it.


It doesn't matter you are in the office or on the Bali, wherever you are, your mind creates an illusion of reality for you and starts the show!

The real world is quite different than you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste.

So, my question is what is different between that illusion with the illusion we can build in our minds, now?

Are they actually different? I don’t think so.

Thanks to the imagination we can build everything in our mind and see it, feel it, and so on.

Just imagine it.

Every mill you eat, every coffee/tea you drink, everything you see and experience, can take you to an adventure.

If you practice, everything can tickle your imagination.

Let’s here and now take you to an adventure.


It’s a stary night. Milky way galaxy is shining above your head. You are staring at it.

You dipped your feet in the sand. You lay on a cozy and snug blanket.

Your breath, the air is cold.

You feeling alive.

You closing your eye, imagine it.

The wind shakes the dry branches of the tree next to you.

The sound of a broken branch is heard. And then silence.

You look at the meteors that are occasionally in the sky.

You sink your feet deeper into the sand. Your breath.

Create your adventure

Now let your imagination discover new possibilities in that world.

Create new elements, characters, and feelings.

It can help you generate more ideas and do things in a creative way.

You can see the future of things and that’s will help you to discover new opportunities.

Now look around and see how you can go to an adventure today.

It can be drinking water or it can be walking.

Imagination is our superpower.

It seems too childish for adults. But we are damn wrong.

Imagination is the thing that builds the world around you.

Creating your own adventure just one glimpse of what you can do with imagination.

Give it a shot!

The *New* Digital Marketing Advocate