The ultimate choice of life

Every day we make a ton of decisions. From what to eat in breakfast alongside our tea or what book we buy or what app we download.

Many of these decisions have a small impact on our lives.

If you don’t eat a cookie alongside your tea, it’s — probably — will not ruin your career path or your dreams.

But some of this decision — which many people want to ignore them for a while — has a direct and high impact on your character, mindset, attitude, and your life.

Hard choice: Success, fulfillment, or passion?

First thing first my brothers and sisters.

Let’s crack this words.


I totally agree everyone has their definition of success. But in recent decades “success” became a materialistic thing and it simply means making more money more than others.

Generally, success is equal to money. No?

Here’s a test.

Imagine someone wearing a red coat with a $10K tag price and And she’s getting off her Lamborghini. What do you call her?

“A successful/wealthy woman”

Just look at the above paragraph. We cannot even separate the success and wealth words.


I must admit, I can’t explain deeply the fulfillment word.

It’s a sense. It’s a process. It takes time to realize you having a sense of fulfillment.

It’s so delightful. But simultaneously you will experience burnout, suffer, and pain.


Some call it love. The hard truth about passion is it can be temporary.

Today you passionate about starting your small business, but in the next year, you want to become a freelance designer.

Passion/love is all about impression.

So now what? Which I must choose?

I believe experiencing is a crucial part of our lives.

Sometimes we must experience the passion and follow what we love.

Sometimes we need to experience success and make a ton of money.

But the thing is we must be aware of what we experiencing right now. Self-awareness and mindfulness become handy here.

What about fulfillment?

Long story short, it’s the real deal.

It’s the meaning of life. It’s work. It’s the best way of living. Maybe you reach it in your early 30s or 60s. The point is catching it.

Don’t waste too much of your time on passion and success.




No Paradox. No Progress.

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Ali Eskandari

Ali Eskandari

No Paradox. No Progress.

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