We need compassion more than any time in history to transform technologies, politics, science, business, and design into a powerful force for good.

A way that all of those serves us, not we serve those.

We more than ever need universal compassion for becoming a thriving civilization.

Universal Compassion: breaking the walls

When I say compassion, many people imagine a mother or a person who cares about another person.

But it’s not the whole story.

If we — truly — want to have an equal society in which everyone has access to the same opportunity (It means the people from Afghanistan have a similar opportunity compare to people in Denmark) we need to edit our image of compassion.

In the new dictionary, compassion means we care about all the people in any field.

It’s doesn't matter if they live within my territory or not. They are human too.

They have skills, passion, dreams, and so on.

They are like me, but I was just too lucky to born in a thriving environment and she/he didn’t have this chance.

So, it’s time to show our compassion to all the people. After all, we live in the same tiny planet.


I believe — most of the — the governments didn’t unite us, government — as we know so far — ruined our planet.

They are directly responsible for killing millions of people. They are responsible for killing the dreams of many people as well because they too busy with ruling and controlling.

They mostly didn’t care about people. That’s why need compassion.

It’s not the time of building walls and vote for illiberal policies for foreigners.

AI and self-awareness

I know you are afraid maybe foreigners get a huge chunk of your economy and take your job — your purpose in life.

But it will happen, whatever you like or don’t like it.

AI will replace you and take over all the economy.

I know everyone must at first care about themselves, then others.

But the thing is if we know ourselves better if we have more self-awareness, we see caring about others is actually caring about ourselves.

Compassion is not only about helping all the people, is, more importantly, look after yourself.

Technology and Compassion

Also, when we develop a new technology first we must consider compassion.

It’s so far better to come up with ideas based on (Universal) compassion for the people.

How this can help people?

Are we truly helping people with this new product or we just want to make them poorer and make ourselves richer?

A dark or bright future

Without compassion, someday in the near future, all of this inequality and ignorance about other people will fuck all of us.

The future without universal compassion is scary.

In the best-case scenario, we might end up living in the box underground, eating conserve food, and living like moles.


We might start our adventure to have an equal society based on access to opportunity.

The *New* Digital Marketing Advocate